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Welcome to Granny 3.

Granny and grandpa have moved into a new old mansion with a moat and a high wall around it as protection …. or rather to make escape attempts more difficult.

You are an explorer looking for new objects to explore when you see a seemingly abandoned mansion late one night.
You take courage and open the unlocked gate and enter.
What you do not know is an infamous couple living there who will do anything to keep you.

Now you must try to escape from here.
There are a lot of items placed inside and outside the house that you will have use for. You just need to figure out how to use them.
But you have to be careful because Granny hears everything as usual and Grandpa also wanders around, but he does not hear very well, but if he sees you then it's best to run.
As usual if you drop something on the floor or walking on a creaking floor Granny will start running to the place she heard that sound.
You also need to watch out for her bear traps.
You can hide under beds, a couch or in wardrobes but be careful that they do not see you when you are hiding.

You can protect yourself from Granny and Grandpa using one of the two different types of weapons you can find in the house. But it only stops them for a while. But it's worth it.

There are five different levels of difficulty.
Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy and Practice.
If you play in Practice mode, you are in the house without Granny and Grandpa and you have the opportunity to try different things without major difficulties. But remember the house is not completely free from dangers.

Granny and Grandpa gives you five days in the house.
If you have failed to escape after the last day ... well, probably you can figure out what happens then.

Good luck!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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please   let i3 run,can y do it?

It Runs smoothly on i3 4 gb ram no graphic card...

well,but my 2012pc cannot run it.......

i5 is perfect


Deleted 135 days ago

no im not


Finally  V1.1.2 update

btw optimize game for low end devices

pls update train

doyou see any game on itch update earlyer then steam?

still not any update


Plz Update 


pls update the game quickly


update the game


this game isn't updated there no train escape  please get us an update and add train escap


the game does not has the subway update


fake giveaway? what a shame...


it not update 

it fake dvlope


I thought it was free?


It's over now. You too late


Bro the game doesnt has subway update


will they update it to version with train etc ?


It's hard to believe how incredible this indie game is!!


a shame a roblox game called Piggy ripped your games off :/

i am to scared to go out of the chamberrrrrr


thank you dvloper

Granny 3 Extreme Mode Completed On The Last Day - YouTube


I downloaded this game and i saw the train I escaped


this game should be free DV please make this free


Its now free

I beat the game live on Twitch Nea Lea100 and let me just say that Grandpa with Shotty is a mess LoL. I like how hard it is vs all 3. I enjoy it. 
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thank you dvloper so much, i beated granny 3 hard mode on pc and i suggest that you check out my FULL  walkthrough here: 


Why is Slendrina in this game it's so random haha. I had a good time playing this game but I did run into a bug(?) where items spawned in the area between the front door and rooftop and I couldn't jump down without dying. I think the bad endings are hilariously awesome but the good ending isn't as rewarding as it should be. 

This is definitely a Granny game so if you like this type of experience then you should definitely check it out.

Thanks for making games!